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Manon Charbonneau

As a digital printmaking artist, I create composite digital prints. These are composite artwork constructed from photographs, drawings, textures, digital painting and other digital constructs. The incorporated images can be of my own making or existing images for which I have the rights, incorporating it all or only a portion of interest in view of the final composition.


Digital photography plays a key role in capturing the foundational image of my compositions. From my a background in traditional oil painting, drawing, collage and printmaking, I have transposed my creation process to digital media and will occasionally combine traditional and digital processes to create transdigital images.


Often inspired by people close to me or from personal experiences, I aim at producing images of surreal nature. My work is constructed from characters and scenes that let the viewers discover and interpret a story that is meaningful to them and relate to their own experience. It is constructed from images that strike my imagination and that evoke my own vision, without being imposed to the viewer.


The work is elaborated with the aid of current software applications and tools , mainly Lightroom Classic CC, Photoshop CC, Corel Painter, On1 RAW, iPad drawing apps and select plugins in the creation process.


I completed study programs in Brussels and Montreal in oil painting, drawing, intaglio, art history, where I had the opportunity to learn from great teachers and mentors. I had he opportunity to work closely with fellow printmakers (traditional and digital) at Atelier Circulaire and other groups. More recently, I studied digital photopraphy, digital image processing and tools. Thanks to Sebastien Michael for his marvelous Photoshop Artistry series of courses that help master the technology in support of the creative process, and that instills us in the creative process to explore the limitless possibilities of the digital medium.

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